Posted on September 15, 2015

Bathroom Organization to Streamline your Morning Routine

Now that fall’s busy schedule is in full swing, it’s a great time to put some thought into where you can save yourself some time daily. The bathroom is a great place to start.

Choose clear containers
Essentials like toothbrushes and cotton balls should be stored in clear containers. Being able to see everything at once will cut the amount of time you spend looking for the things you use daily.

Cut clutter
Start with a deep clean that includes trashing any expired products or those you no longer use. Andrew McCaul of Good Housekeeping also recommends getting rid of any bulky packaging and storing everything in “easy-in-and-out jars, bags, and baskets.” Your countertop should be reserved for the bare necessities. Everything else – like special occasion cosmetics – should be stored in drawers and cupboards.

Maximize space
"The way to achieve a clean countertop is to change the use of the medicine cabinet," says Julie Morgenstern, author of Organizing from the Inside Out. "They are better used for everyday grooming supplies rather than medicines." Also, maximize space by installing a rack on the back of the door and placing a rotating tray in the cupboard under the sink.

Simplify the shower
If your shower doesn’t have built-in shelving, purchase a shower caddy to hang over your showerhead. Products will be easier to reach, plus the caddy drains allow bottles to drip dry, which saves you the hassle of cleaning rings on your tub.

Think about towels
Installing extra towel hooks can save your sanity if you’re sharing the bathroom with multiple family members. Choose personalized ones – with the letter of each person’s name for instance – to easily identify who hasn’t hung their towel up. A pretty ladder also offers a creative storage solution. Hang towels on each rung for easy access and a rustic feel.

Some of these principals holds true for other rooms in your home – get rid of things you don’t need, install shelving and maximize space under cupboards. Simplifying and streamlining will help you get through fall’s high-traffic mornings with ease!