Posted on February 12, 2014

Beedie Development Group Achieves BCCSA COR Certification: Our Commitment to Workplace Safety

On the forefront of Beedie Development Group’s core values is a commitment not only to excellence in property development, but also to ensuring the safety of our employees within the workplace. At the end of 2013, Beedie Development Group earned a Certificate of Recognition [COR] in both the Injury Management Program and the Health and Safety Program by the BC Contruction Safety Alliance [BCCSA].

What Is COR?

Beedie Development Group took the initiative to apply for [COR], a nationally accredited program which “is an initiative that recognizes employers who implement and maintain a health and safety management system that meets established provincial standards” . To achieve COR, we underwent training in order to better equip the company to implement and maintain safety systems. Concurrently, we also went through a series of audits, which provided external clarification that we are adhering to provincial workplace safety standards. Ultimately, our company is certified in both the Injury Management Program, scoring 95% for implementing proactive return-to-work programs, and the Health & Safety Program, scoring 87% for implementing Health & Safety management systems. Both certifications establish that we are not merely meeting requirements, but are “[implementing] health and safety management systems that exceed regulatory requirements” .

Commitment & Values

We are proud to say that the COR designation recognizes us as a property development company where safety is a priority and a value that we live by; it is an important and unwavering element of our business practices. As a culmination of achieving COR, we are committed to maintaining and encouraging a positive workplace by promoting a culture of safety and best practice systems.