Posted on August 12, 2015

Benefits of Premium Appliances

Buying a condo doesn’t necessarily mean compromising on appliances. At Beedie Living, we understand the benefits of high-quality appliances. All Beedie by Design™ homes include top-of-the-line refrigerators, full-size washers and dryers, microwaves and stoves with vent hoods.

Maximum Food Storage
Plain and simple, full-size fridges, like the ones at Crown, hold more food. This allows you to do a big grocery run, rather than shopping for a few items at a time. If you like to entertain, a larger fridge is a must.

Cook like a Chef
Smaller microwave-hood fans don’t cut the muster when it comes to keeping a condo free of smoke and cooking smells. A larger range hood will do the job. Also, if you like hosting holiday parties, you’ll want an oven that’s big enough to hold a turkey.

Wash and Dry
Small washing machines and dryers are fine if you only need to wash a few pieces at a time, but they come up short when it comes to washing a full set of bed sheets or your vacation clothes. In the long run, full-size washers/dryers mean running fewer loads, which can save you time and money in energy costs.

Using appliances is part of your daily routine at home. Putting some thought into your needs and choosing appliances accordingly will help you enjoy your home for many years to come.