Posted on July 06, 2015

Condo Kitchen Storage Solutions

Though condo kitchens are now being built with more cupboards and counter space, you likely still want to maximize storage space. Here are a few storage tips for everything from martini glasses to a waffle iron.

Embrace open storage
Industrial metal storage units are a standard in professional kitchens and can even make a big difference in your kitchen. Since everything on the shelves is visible, invest in pretty plates and add some decorative touches. Grouping a few of the same item also adds to the overall aesthetic.

Opt for organizational inserts
Layers of rotating shelving, pullout racks and door shelves can double the amount of pantry goods you can pack into a small space. Strategically build your organizational tools around the size of items; spices for example are best stored in narrow racks on the inside of a cupboard door so you can easily see them and access what you need.

Add a bar cart
A bar cart doesn’t have to store bottles; it can adapt to your particular storage needs. Use it as a coffee station or storage for oils and spices. The bonus is the cart can be rolled away to make more room for entertaining.

Hang it up
Make the most of that unused space near the ceiling. Install hanging storage racks for anything from wine and martini glasses to pots and pans. Hanging the rack near a window makes it a pretty focal point as light bounces off the pans or glasses.

Think high and low
For rarely used appliances - like a juicer or waffle iron - convenience is not crucial. Take advantage of storage space up high – above the fridge – or down low – under the stove. To streamline your daily routine, keep the tools you need daily in easy-to-reach cabinets or on the counter.

Use it or lose it
Don’t let seasonal items or broken pieces take up valuable space. Purge! Donate what you can to charity, and if you really can’t let go of those Christmas napkins, find a place to keep them outside of the kitchen.