Posted on October 03, 2014

Crown: A Day in the Life

The residents of Crown will be just mere footsteps to a new urban centre boasting an incredible assortment of shopping, restaurants, and the new Burquitlam SkyTrain station. There is an abundance of parks and hiking trails in every direction. To paint a picture of what life can be like at Crown, we invite you to live a day through the eyes of Emily, a Simon Fraser University student that takes advantage of the everyday convenience of living in this emerging neighbourhood in West Coquitlam.

An alarm sounds at 7 a.m. sharp, waking Emily from her sound slumber. She wraps the blanket around her tightly, debating if she should fight her drowsiness and start making breakfast, or hit the snooze button and splurge on a quick coffee and muffin at the Plaza Café, just around the corner. She squints through one eye at the crack in the curtain, and the warm morning sun flooding into the room is her impetus to get up and appreciate the beautiful sunrise over Coquitlam.

While enjoying her morning eggs, she thinks of how this sunny day could best be taken advantage of, and sends a message to her classmate, Ben, to see if he is up for a hike on Burnaby Mountain before their afternoon lecture. After all, who knows how many more sunny days are left this fall? They set a time and place to meet and Emily carries on with her morning routine.

Emily’s den has been turned into her study room, where she settles in to finalize an essay that is due in her afternoon class. She makes her final edits, packs her backpack, puts on her hiking gear, and leaves to meet Ben at the base of Burnaby Mountain’s Pipeline Trail on Gaglardi Way, a mere five minute drive from Crown.

The hike is the perfect way to stretch their legs before enduring a philosophy lecture and subsequent tutorial at SFU, where their Teaching Assistant assigns them a four-person group project. Having the space and being in a central location, Emily invites everyone to her home for an evening working session in Crown’s lounge. Knowing her classmates would need food to fuel their meeting, she walks down the street to the brand new grocery store and grabs some snacks.

Emily’s classmates easily make their way via SkyTrain and the new Evergreen line to the Burquitlam Station which is minutes to Emily’s condo.

She facilitates a round-table discussion in Crown’s lounge, where they continue to work for the next two hours. After they wrap up, Emily returns upstairs to her condo and curls up on the couch to chat with her parents over Skype. As she sips her cup of tea and talks about her day at school, she looks out at the sparkling lights of South Burnaby’s horizon. She lets out a satisfied sigh; it was another productive day.

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