Posted on October 27, 2014

Crown: A Family of Three Maximizes Life in Burquitlam

The residents of Crown will be in the heart of a new urban centre boasting an incredible assortment of shops, restaurants, professional services and the new Burquitlam SkyTrain station. Crown is also close to parks and recreational facilities in every direction. To paint a picture of what life can be like at Crown, we invite you to live a day through the eyes of the Martin’s, a family of three that take advantage of the everyday convenience of living in a two-bedroom apartment in this emerging neighbourhood on the boundary of Burnaby and Coquitlam.

6:00 a.m. comes early on this crisp Sunday morning in early fall, and the Martin’s ears perk up out of their slumber as the bedroom door creaks slowly open. They feel the usual rustle at the end of the bed as Oliver crawls over the duvet with a mischievous grin stretching across his face. That is the norm when you have a toddler—sleep schedules are a thing of the past and have been replaced by early risings. Kara takes Oliver out of the master bedroom and back to his own dinosaur-filled room to get dressed, before heading to the kitchen to make breakfast. Together, they scour the cupboards and decide that the day calls for banana pancakes!

The Martin’s enjoy a long, leisurely breakfast at their dining table and watch the morning sky turn from pink to orange to blue as dawn breaks. James has a 9:00 a.m. tee time around the corner at the Vancouver Golf Club with two of his friends he met living at Crown. Kara and Oliver also get ready for their own adventure. They are off to enjoy the neighbourhood in the sun and run some errands. First stop: the playground at Burquitlam Park.

After swinging and sliding at the playground, Kara and Oliver head to the Poirier Community Centre, where Oliver’s third birthday party will be celebrated next weekend. Giving much thought on the theme, Oliver finally settled on super heroes as the best option from the extensive list Poirier has to offer. Today, they’re going to look at the space and determine what supplies will be needed to make Oliver’s birthday as special as possible.

Next on their list of destinations is Lougheed Town Centre, where they go to pick up decorations and take Oliver for his first eye exam. It was not the experience Kara thought it would be—Oliver was brave and cooperative. When Kara and Oliver arrive back home, James is already preparing their family’s traditional Sunday night lasagna. While James cooks, Kara gives Oliver a bath in his very own bathroom and scrubs away the evidence from the day’s activities. He splashes with his toys and Kara’s mind wanders for a split second to future days when Oliver will share his bathroom and tub-toys with a sibling. After dinner, the Martin’s cozy up on the couch and watch an episode of Sid the Science Kid together, before they carry Oliver to his room and tuck him into his bed for the night.

Tomorrow is Monday and the busy parents prepare for the week ahead. Kara clears her head on the treadmill in the building’s gym, followed by an hour of studying, as she’s taking the Business Analytics and Decision Making certificate program at SFU. Meanwhile, James sends out work emails and checks the SkyTrain schedule to see what time he needs to wake up tomorrow to catch the train from Burquitlam Station to Waterfront Station near his office. As they tuck into bed for the night, the parents reminisce on how quickly Oliver is growing up and wonder what the next year will have in store.

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