Posted on May 26, 2015

Environmental Benefits of Condo Living

In the past, those who were environmentally aware gravitated to the country and suburbs. Now, as cities engage in intelligent development, urban centres are emerging as environmental leaders. Living in a condo can have quite a small environmental footprint compared to other options!

Green Mobility: Living in a walkable neighbourhood is one of the best things you can do for the environment. Walking conserves as much energy in a week as an energy-saving light bulb does in a year. In Metro Vancouver, more condos are being built near transit lines, plus the city core has bike connectivity.

Saving Green Space:
Suburban sprawl is responsible for much of the clear-cutting in our forests. Condo towers can house many people on a small area of land, meaning that green space can be conserved or even created. If you want to create your own green space, plant a balcony garden.

Energy Efficiency: In a detached home, much of the energy used to heat the house is lost through exterior walls. In a condo, energy is used much more efficiently and less heat is lost because of the many shared walls. Look for condos built to LEED standards and with energy efficient windows to conserve energy (and save money!). In an older building, you can reseal windows to help keep energy from escaping.

Sustainable Buildings: Have you ever heard of a dishwasher with a setting for half a load, or an elevator that powers itself by capturing the energy from the descent to power the assent? These are just a few of the innovations developers are incorporating into new condos. Tip: If you have an ordinary dishwasher at home, wait until it’s full before running a load.

Common Areas: Many condo buildings have common areas, such as a party room, fitness centre, children’s play area or a guest suite. Common areas allow you to use extra space when you need it, without wasting energy heating your home.