Posted on May 19, 2015

Home Upgrades Under $50

Small changes at home can have a big impact, and they don’t have to break the bank. Here are a few projects that will upgrade your space and they each cost less than $50.

Add new throw pillows: A little bit of colour goes a long way towards changing the way a room feels. Opt for an odd number instead of more traditional pairs for a modern look. Bigger pillows look cleaner than many smaller ones. Try pulling a colour from a rug or piece of art to make that element of the room stand out.

Replace a window covering: Swapping out blinds for colourful drapes gives your room a beautiful finishing touch. Hang curtains higher than a window to make it seem larger.

Update with paint: Painting doesn’t necessarily mean tackling a whole room. Opt for just painting one wall for more of a statement look. Or choose a piece of furniture like an old dresser or desk – it’s now easier to do thanks to chalk paints, which mean you no longer have to strip varnish or sand the surface before painting.

Brighten a bookcase: Paint or wallpaper the back of a bookcase to add some interest and colour. You could also use scrapbook paper or fabric. Designers recommend choosing a colour darker than the walls.

Organize the entry: The entryway set the tone for the whole home. Take some time to organize the space. Buy a boot tray or shelving for shoes to keep dirt from tracking though your home. Hang hooks for jackets or remove out-of-season clothing from the hall closet.

Replace switchplates: Sub out plastic switchplates for wood, metal or ceramic ones. Do this for light switches, electrical outlets and phone and cable jacks. While you’re at it, install a dimmer to help set the mood and save energy!

Recaulk the bathroom: For a simple bathroom upgrade, remove old discoloured or cracked caulking in your bathroom, clean the space well and replace it with a fresh layer. A good caulk seal should last up to ten years.

Step up storage: Put some thought into your storage. Hang hooks for your towels in the bathroom, pick up some clear bins for storage in your pantry. Add dividers in your kitchen cupboards to organize baking sheets and utensils.

Add floating shelves: Floating, wall-mounted shelves can replace a bookcase to free up floor space or, if you need more storage space, they can be hung above other furniture. Shelves with hidden hardware give you a sleek, clean look.

Add unique knobs: Swap out plain doorknobs and handles for something with a little more personality. If you want to keep a uniform look, keep the knobs facing the hallway the same.

Organize bookshelves: Bookshelves are a valuable storage space but they can also add to the look of your space. Group hardcovers and paperbacks separately and sort them by size. Use heavy decorative items as bookends. For items you need to store but don’t want to displace, buy some inexpensive catchall baskets.