Posted on January 15, 2014

Kingsgate Mall Twitter: the social media that got the media's attention

One of our properties in Vancouver, a long time Mount Pleasant landmark, has recently received some unexpected media attention for a very unexpected reason: its social media. Michelle Hanley and Asha Wozny created a satirical Twitter account for Kingsgate Mall, the East Vancouver hangout, "out of 'boredom and a hangover' over a bowl of pho,” The Huffington Post reported. The account, written from an ‘unofficial’ standpoint, simultaneously pokes fun at and sarcastically celebrates Kingsgate Mall’s selection of shops, décor, and the many memories of its years-long clientele. 

The Kingsgate Mall Twitter account was first launched less than a short month ago on December 17, and has since attracted over 4500 followers as well as media attention from both the CBC and The Huffington Post, both featuring original stories on the (formerly) mysterious two women who dreamed up the humorous tribute account. In an email to The Huffington Post, Hanley explained the moment of inspiration. After checking to see if the mall had any social media presence, “[we] realized that they had none and brought it upon ourselves to create the Twitter that this mall deserves. We both live in the neighbourhood and have spent a lot of time in the mall growing up, so it was pretty easy to make it authentic and genuine." In an interview with the CBC, Hanley clarified, "We're big fans of the place, but it's definitely a mall with character.”

The Kingsgate Mall Twitter account isn’t the only tribute social media satirizing Vancouver’s classic urban malls. Since its inception, it seems to have inspired an unofficial Twitter account for Denman Mall and has helped to promote an Instagram account of the same nature for Tinseltown, both celebrating and bringing humour to the quirkiness of their namesake landmarks.

We think it’s terrific to see the community enjoying Kingsgate Mall as it stands today and - as it has been described as “the mall that time forgot” - how it has stood for a great many years. 

Photo Credit: CBC