Posted on September 26, 2014

Office Options to Maximize Square Footage: How to Set Up Your Condo Workstation

With the steep cost of a downtown office space, the tedious commute people endure every morning to get there, and the accessibility to the Internet and email from home, it comes as no surprise that it’s becoming increasingly common for people to add second offices to their homes.

Whether you’re catching up on emails, working on a presentation or scrolling through social media channels late at night, having a comfortable set up for your screen is crucial. Since condos are all about maximizing square footage, we’ve gathered some of our favourite condo office options that will keep your home looking clean and clutter-free.

1. Out of sight, out of mind

Designers everywhere are producing foldaway wall-mounted desks that are perfect for condo living. When you need to get work done from home, open up your wall-mounted desk and pull up a chair. When you’re not working, simply lift to close up your office and walk away. You’ll forget your workstation is even there and your living space won’t feel like an office.

One of our favourite examples: Mid-Century Office Shelving by West Elm.

2. Set up a standing desk

Eliminate the space that a chair occupies and simultaneously take care of your health by opting for a standing desk. These desks are becoming ever more popular as research continues to associate adverse health effects with prolonged periods of sitting.

Try this Wall-Mounted Standing Desk for laptops, which also allows you to adjust the height of your screen.

3. Cozy up in a corner

Small corners and nooks in hallways and transition areas between rooms often stand empty. Don’t let your space go to waste; instead use this area to set up a small DIY desk. For a perfect fit, try a custom cut piece of wood mounted to the wall and supported on the outside corner by a single leg.

Find inspiration from Geoff’s mounted corner desk on Apartment Therapy.

4. Maximize multi-use furniture

We’re big fans of double-duty condo furniture for space efficiency, and desks are the perfect piece for multi-use. Review your current furniture and evaluate which items have the potential for double functionality, like a desk/bookshelf or desk/dresser combination.

Try the Sloane Grey Leaning Desk from Crate&Barrel, which has built-in ladder shelving that goes up, instead of out, allowing you to maximize square footage. If you have additional space, you can expand your workstation by adding matching Sloane Grey Leaning Bookcases.

5. Keep it casual

When you’re working from home, why not reap the benefits of office-free comfort and get your work done on a couch-friendly setup.

Consider a laptop pillow, which is cushion-like on the bottom but hard and flat on top to support your computer. This option keeps you protected from heat while giving your computer a sturdy surface to sit on. If you prefer your computer raised, try a laptop stand that stands on a single leg, allowing you to pull your computer in close over the couch as you work away.

These simple accessories don’t need to be expensive. Try IKEA’s STÄDJAN laptop cushion or IKEA’s SVARTÅSEN laptop stand.

If you have any other interesting ideas for condo workstations, we'd love to hear them. Tweet us at @BeedieLiving and let us know.

Photo Credit: WestElm, A Beautiful Mess