Posted on May 11, 2015

Secrets of Successful Small Spaces

Decorating a small space can be tricky since every inch needs to be useful. Here are some tips for making the most of your space without cramping your style.

Go big: It’s counter-intuitive, but with artwork and rugs, go big. Small wall-hangings and rugs break up the space and make it appear smaller. Instead of a cluster of small photos, opt for one large piece. Rugs should be large enough to encompass an entire seating arrangement.

Mirror, mirror: This one’s obvious – mirrors make a space seem bigger. For maximum effect, hang one opposite a window. In addition to giving your eye something to look at that appears to be far off in the distance, mirrors bounce light and make the space brighter.

Floating furniture: Look for furniture with legs – a couch without a skirt for example. This makes the furniture look like it’s “floating” and adds dimension to your space. This also applies to shelves. Wall-mounted shelving can hang above a desk or dresser to save space.

Go bold: Wallpaper with a big, bold pattern adds oomph to an entryway. Stay away from small, busy patterns, as they emphasize the room’s size. Statement pieces like impressive plants, sculptures or captivating portraits are also a good way to draw interest away from the architecture.

Keep it light: Keep your colour scheme light and bright. This doesn’t necessarily mean white walls. White couches combined with bright white shelving achieve the same effect, while still allowing you to play with paint.

Buy a big bed: As long as you have enough room for the other bedroom necessities, buy the largest bed possible. This gives your bedroom a grand feel makes it seem bigger. The same trick works in the living room, where a sectional is often more visually appealing than a cluster of small chairs.

Double duty: Furniture that serves more than one purpose is a must in a small home. This goes beyond the pullout couch; think shelving under the coffee table or a bookcase that functions as a room divider.

The most important advice for living in a small space is to make your home work for you. Instead of arranging furniture a certain way just because other people do, first think about how you spend your time at home and decorate accordingly.