Posted on October 20, 2015

Ten tips to improve your condo gym routine

Fitness facilities are often the most popular condo amenities. This week, the team at Kalev Fitness Solution shares tips for making the most of your condo gym workout.

Use diverse equipment
Don’t get stuck in the same routine. The best thing you can do for your muscles is to challenge them in different ways. Lift free-weights to work on your stabilizers or use a rower to work different muscles while doing cardio.

Go to the gym when it isn’t busy
The busiest times at condo gyms are usually 7am - 8am and 6pm - 9pm. “The worst buzz-kill for a workout session is not being able to do the exercises you were planning,” said Elliott Flockhart, a kinesiologist at Kalev Fitness Solution. “Many condo gyms are on the smaller side, so find a time that is not during peak times.”

Take the stairs!
If all the cardio machines at your gym are being used, climb the stairs in your building for 10 to 20 minutes. That exercise is bound to get your metabolism going!

Adjust the machines
Don’t risk injury! Universal machines are not set up for all body sizes. Make sure you adjust the height of each machine before you use it.

Warm up before and stretch after
Start off your session by doing some dynamic warm ups and finish with static (holding the stretch for 20-30 seconds) stretching. If you know the gym is going to be busy, warm up and stretch in your condo or outside.

Think of others
If it is a busy time at the gym, don’t alternate between two machines. Instead, grab a pair of dumbbells and one machine to alternate or “superset,” meaning don’t rest in between.

Listen to music
Incorporating music into your routine before and during exercise will help pump you up. “If you don’t know what to listen to, try music apps like Soundcloud, Sonza, and 8-Tracks,” said Flockhart.

Workout with a buddy
One of the best ways to ensure you make it to the gym is to go with someone who will hold you accountable, whether it’s your spouse, roommate or a friend from the building.

Create a workout plan
The toughest workout is one without a plan. “Writing these plans down can be a good incentive to actually make the workout happen,” said Flockhart. “If this is not realistic for you, then get yourself a personal trainer to do this work for you.”

Get yourself a personal trainer
A fitness professional can make it easier to train and achieve your fitness goals. Pros have the knowledge and ability to develop exercises for your needs.

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