Posted on July 16, 2014

The Part-Time Guest Room: Five Simple Steps

It's always nice to give guests a comfortable space to call their own, but when you're condo-living, you can't necessarily allocate an entire bedroom or den to be a standalone guest room. That's when a part-time guest room can come in handy. With some thoughtful design, you can make use of your spare room on a daily basis but still give your houseguests an inviting space to lay their heads at night. 

Here are our five simple steps for part-time guest room success:

STEP 1: Start with a smart double-duty sofa/bed

Instead of filling the room with a double or queen sized bed, opt for a convertible sofa that will do double-duty as a pullout bed. There are many great options on the market these days, but if you're looking for a locally made option, check out Urban Decor.

STEP 2: Create your own convertible workspace

Many homeowners choose to use the extra bedroom or den as a home office. However, with a large traditional desk and office chair, it can be difficult to convert the space into a comfortable guest room when company arrives. Instead of a standard chair/desk combo, consider getting a little more creative and choose a stylish vanity for the space. Vanity sets work really well as at-home desks because they're comfortable to sit and work at, they're slimmer that a standard desk, and they can easily be cleaned up and converted when you're hosting guests: swap all paperwork, pens, and your laptop for some fresh flowers, toiletries, and magazines.

STEP 3: Don't forget the lighting

There are two types of lighting to consider: manmade and natural. For the manmade, remember to add a lamp near the pullout sofa so that your guests can delve into their novel before bed. Also, if they have to get up in the night, the light is close at hand. As for the natural lighting, many homeowners forget to incorporate some high quality curtains to darken the room, but it's imperative to do so if this is going to be a true part-time guest room as your guests may not want to rise with the sun.

STEP 4: Incorporate attractive and effective storage

The key to keeping any double-duty room uncluttered is smart storage. Utilize floor-to-ceiling shelves and attractive containers so that you can easily store your office supplies and other belongings in a stylish and sleek manner, out of your guests' way.

STEP 5: Remember the small details

Sometimes it's the little things that go a long way. Adding thoughtful touches to the room before your guests arrive can help make them feel right at home. Some of our favourite ideas include:
- Fresh flowers to brighten the space
- A mirror so they can get ready for the day in privacy
- A collection of toiletries for their use (TIP: hotel samples work perfectly)
- Extra blankets and pillows on hand
- Reading material, i.e. magazines, in case they forgot their own
- A wall of family photos: since this is where your family will be staying when they visit, cover a wall with pictures of them and the people they love

Do you have any other ideas for creating the perfect part-time guest room? Tweet to us @BeedieLiving and let us know!