Posted on January 22, 2014

The Power of Engagement: SFU set to raise $250 million in their 50th Anniversary Campaign

Late last year, SFU officially launched its 50th anniversary fundraising campaign in true SFU style – with 2000 students, staff, professors and supporters celebrating at the Burnaby campus’ main mall. The celebration not only consisted of speeches, food, drinks and student and staff mingling, but a surprise flash mob and break dance were equally important to the hype and excitement of the day.

SFU will be turning 50 in September 2015 and thus the 50th Anniversary Launch Campaign, co-chaired by Liz Welch, Herb Dhaliwal and our president and SFU alumnus Ryan Beedie was the official kick-off to the ambitious fundraising goal of $250 million. Appropriately named “The Power of Engagement”, funds raised will be used for all types of student and faculty engagement, from scholarships and bursaries to research grants and extracurricular programs. Furthermore, with campuses in in Burnaby, Surrey and Vancouver the university also hopes to strengthen ties to their respective communities. 

As one of the day’s keynote speakers, Ryan Beedie was honoured to impart a bit of wisdom and instill some excitement to the SFU student body by reminiscing on the days of his own transformative undergraduate experience at SFU:

“In many ways my experiences with SFU reflect the theme of this campaign: the Power of Engagement. I was certainly an engaged student. Student government, Senate, Teaching Assistant, you name it – I was engaged. The friendships I made, the things I was involved in, the ideas I was introduced to helped shape my values which have certainly contributed to both my personal and professional success. I have no doubt that without my educational experience at SFU our company wouldn’t be where it is today.”

The fundraising initiative will be the largest ever taken on by the university. SFU President Andrew Petter explains, “We wanted it to be something that is realistic, but ambitious, it’s something that I think is achievable for us.”

SFU enrolls over 30000 students in 150 programs and is consistently ranked as Canada’s top comprehensive university by Maclean’s Magazine. Of the importance and significance of the campaign, Petter explains, “It’s a key part of our mission to have our students engaged in the community and to have our students become savvy in the workplace and contribute to community development.”

Beedie Living wishes the SFU student body, faculty, staff and alumni all the best in reaching their goal and continuing to better the university and communities for the next 50 years!

To find out more about the SFU 50th Anniversary Campaign and how you can support the cause and get involved. Check out their campaign site: The Power of Engagement.

Photo Credit: SFU News