Posted on March 23, 2015

Top 10 Tips to help you with Spring Cleaning

As spring approaches, many of us will turn to the task of spring cleaning. Some love it, others dread it. If you are a highly organized person, you will get the job done sooner than later. However, if early cherry blossoms are calling you outside, then spring cleaning will likely have to wait.

Here are 10 tips to help make the chore more efficient.

Work your way outward and start at the top. Start indoors and with all the hard-to-reach places. Going from top to bottom, inside to out, prevents you from messing up areas you’ve already cleaned. It also helps give you a sense of the progress you’re making.

Pick one room and stick with it. This will help you avoid unfinished jobs and, again, you will have a sense of your progress and the satisfaction of seeing the room shine.

Set up a rallying point. Select one area to put items you plan to discard or donate. This will save you from running around to different rooms when the time comes to purge.

Multitask. While the laundry is on, dust the shelves. Do a load of dishes while you mop the floor.

Invest in good gloves. You are going to find things – especially if you have children – you won’t want to touch with your bare hands. Need we say more?

Only fix the small stuff. If you’re handy with big jobs, go right ahead and start fixing. Otherwise, hire a professional. It will save you time and repeated trips to the hardware store … not to mention mistakes.

Invest in a good-size pail and squeeze-mop. These tools are more efficient than getting on your hands and knees and making several trips to the sink to wash a towel. Store the pail/mop in your storage locker or closet.

The order of things. Dust before vacuuming and vacuum before mopping. That way you’ll ensure all the dust, lint and hair is picked up.

Tote your tools. Have you ever watched the pros? Save time by buying a small tote at any hardware store to carry all your cleaning supplies from room-to-room.

Simplify your supplies. The reason pros can fit everything in a bin or tote is because they have whittled down their supplies to a few essentials. Here’s a sample:

     • Light-duty glass or multi-surface cleaner
     • Heavy-duty degreaser
     • Something with bleach (kitchens and bathrooms)
     • Sponge
     • Gloves
     • Towel
     • Brush

Use these 10 tips to help you clean and get outside to enjoy spring. If you have any handy tips, tweet us @BeedieLiving.