Posted on May 07, 2014

Want to have breakfast with Ryan Beedie? Here's your chance.

It's not every day you get the chance to sit down with a man who took a successful family business in industrial real estate and turned it into a diversified group of companies servicing a broad range of industries from residential real estate development to capital investment to philanthropy. However, May 30 could be that day

As part of Urban Development Institute's (UDI) U40 Leadership Breakfast Series, twelve young industry professionals will have the chance to enjoy an exclusive meet-and-greet with Ryan Beedie, President of Beedie Development Group. This popular series gives keen up-and-comers a chance to connect with and gain insight from a seasoned industry leader. Ryan is very excited for the chance to meet a diverse selection of young real estate professionals and to be a part of such a highly-regarded event.

About UDI 

Urban Development Institute is an international non-profit organization that provides an inclusive and non-partisan space for all sides of the real estate industry to come together to ensure cities are built in the most efficient, effective, and responsible way possible. Vancouver itself is home to UDI Pacific Region, the branch of UDI that services architects, urban planners, developers, construction companies, appraisers, agents, and environmental consultants from all around British Columbia.

At Beedie Development Group, Ryan is not the only one who is highly involved in UDI Pacific Region. In particular, Beedie Living Vice President, Houtan Rafii, sits as Chair of the U40 division while our Director of Residential Development, Curtis Neeser, is an active U40 member. 

If you'd like a chance to be one of the twelve breakfast guests on May 30, make sure to enter before the contest deadline on May 22. Please note that this is only open to UDI U40 members. Good luck!

For more information and to enter, please visit: UDI Pacific Region